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Reducing clutter in a room can be an overwhelming task for many sellers, which is why many REALTORS® recommend the traditional Chinese practice of feng shui.
The basis of feng shui is to arrange items to harmonize with spiritual forces. The ancient practice hit mainstream America several years ago, and now real estate professionals are hopping on the harmonizing bandwagon. The idea is that potential buyers may feel more comfortable and happy in a home that is arranged ŕ la feng shui.
Don’t fret if your home’s front door faces west instead of east or is more southwestern than Asian. Part of selling a home is selling a feeling that buyers have about the space. Creating a little Zen in your den will help raise its chi — and the possibility of a sale. Here are a few tips to help bring a bit of feng shui into your home:
Simplicity Sells. Remove excess clutter and knickknacks from the room. Potential buyers feel uncomfortable and cramped when surrounded by an abundance of belongings that are not their own.
Look Toward the Light. Natural sunlight creates a feeling of warmth and happiness. Make use of all windows that bring in the sunlight by pulling back the heavy drapes and raising the blinds.
Yin/Yang. Place candles and potted plants around the room to create a feeling of balance with nature. When it comes to selecting a type of plant for the room, choose those that have round leaves to create a feeling of completeness.


Come-in, Chi. Opening the windows for at least 20 minutes a day lets in fresh air (and chi), reduces odor and brings a feeling of fresh energy to the space.
Pack up the Pumas. An accumulation of shoes by the front door can be very uninviting to newcomers. Gather up your family’s footwear and store it out of the way. Walkways to and from the front door should always be clear and welcoming.


Landscaping may not be the first thing sellers tend to repair around their homes, but old and sick trees, shrubs and grass can give the impression that the entire property has been poorly maintained.
Take an objective look at the current landscaping and assess whether any of the trees have the potential to cause damage to the foundation or structure.
In general, the following tips may help prevent future headaches when it comes to picking the right green for your garden:

  • Consult a landscaping company for layout ideas about your yard.
• Plan your landscaping for both its beauty and functional value.
• Keep accurate records of landscaping and real estate appraisals.
• Take photos of trees and other landscape plants while they are healthy.
• Check to see if your insurance covers damage caused by landscaping.
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