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Second, Seasonal Homes or Vacation Housing Needs

If you are looking to acquire a Second, Seasonal or Vacation home there are things you should be aware of when purchasing in Vermont, or any northern or colder clime for that matter.

For instance, the seasonality requires the need to protect the home during the times you will not be there for long stretches, especially in winter when the temps can go well below zero for many days in a row. Winterizing a home can be problematic in older homes that use hot water for the heating system, in that you will need to drain all the water supply lines from the water main and hot water tank as well as the hot water heating system itself. These lines may need to be blown out by a plumber to be certain all dips and dead ended sections have been drained. Some Seasonal property owners will have a plumber come and install antifreeze into the self contained heating lines to protect from freeze ups. In that event, you may need only concern yourself about the Hot Water Tank and toilet tanks…which can usually be easily drained and it is good to do that with hot water tanks from time to time to remove the sediments that build up.

Should you find a Steam System, a drain out of the furnace would be expected along with any hot water tanks and to protect the toilets.

A Hot Air Heat system is easier in that there is nothing to worry about with the heat system, as there is no water contained in it. Therefore, you need to watch the Hot Water Tank and the toilets and draining off the water lines to all water utilities such as the washing machine, sinks, tubs & showers, outdoor hoses etc.

Electrically heated home are great for not worrying about the heating system itself, yet, do not forget about the hot water tanks, toilets and water lines for the water utilities.

Another idea is to simply keep the heat on year round at lower temps, just to keep it from freezing. In those events, it is wise to be able to know if the house temp falls due to fuel run out, mechanical issue, electrical failure or other unforeseen issue. Having a neighbor to keep an eye on it for you, or a Security System that monitors the temps etc which can be programmed right to your phone, might be a great solution. Some fuel dealers will even monitor it for you, so look into that. Another idea is for a property maintenance co to take charge. In any event, you will need to assess the home’s own needs and determine a plan best suited to your own situation. Without proper planning for your own situation, a freeze up is likely and can cost many, many thousands of dollars to correct as well as the physical loss of personal property such as heirlooms, antiques, prized possessions and irreplaceables. So an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
DO NOT FORGET to prepare for this each Fall season to provide for many happy returns to your Vermont Getaway Vacation Home! You will be glad you did and get so much enjoyment from your Second Home! You might even make it your Primary residence!
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