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Garage Sales

If youíre thinking about selling your house in the near future, holding a garage sale is a great first step. It serves several purposes:
1. Rids your house of clutter. A home with less clutter is easier for a CRS Designated REALTORģ to sell.
2. Gives you some extra cash. When youíre getting ready to move, extra money is always helpful.
3. Helps you get acquainted or re-acquainted with your neighbors. When your home is for sale, maybe one of your neighbors or one of their friends will be interested.
4. Decreases your moving costs because youíll have fewer boxes to move or pack.

How to Start
Go through one room at a time. If you have a family, ask each of them to help by looking through their own stuff, especially in their closets and drawers for items they no longer use or no longer care about.

Itís tough to get rid of clothing because of personal attachments or memories. Ask yourself these questions:
ē When did I last wear this? If itís longer than a year, place it in the garage sale pile.
ē Does it have a stain? If you have tried to get the stain out and cannot, give it away or if itís a very visible stain, throw it out.
ē Am I still comfortable wearing this? Sometimes we canít seem to get rid of something but donít like wearing it. If thatís the case, get rid of it.
ē Does it fit? If the clothing item is two sizes too small, donít wait to wear it until you lose weight, especially if you have held onto it for a long time.
ē Childrenís clothing and toys are especially popular at garage sales. So be sure to include any clothing or toys that your child or children have outgrown or donít play with anymore.

Of course, there are special occasion clothing that you may want to save such as wedding dresses, baptismal gowns, etc. Itís your day-to-day clothing that you need to examine carefully.

If you have duplicate houseware items, select the better one and get rid of the other. Be sure your small appliances work correctly. If they donít work, you may have to throw them out as opposed to sell them in a garage sale.

China, Trinkets and Valuables
Do you have more china than you ever use? Do you have odds and ends that relatives have given you over the years but you never have used? Do you hold on to trinkets not because you like them but because they may be valuable? Real estate agents like CRS Designees advise you to either sell them online through a service such as eBay or sell them through a consignment shop.

If you plan on moving to a smaller home or completely changing your decorating scheme, now is the time to get rid of furniture. Otherwise youíll pay to move furniture that youíll soon get rid of. CRS Designees advise you to keep family heirlooms and furniture that you know youíll use. Otherwise, sell it in the garage sale. Furniture is a big seller. If itís in good shape, your castaway is someone elseís treasure. However, if you want to get rid of an antique, sell it on eBay. Equipment is another hot seller. Do you have bikes, treadmills or exercise equipment that youíre not using? Sell it because it could be someoneís treasure.

Organize and Decide on Prices
Once you have determined what your family is selling in the garage sale, sort items by categories, e.g., clothing, toys, furniture, housewares. Arrange these items together on tables, bookshelves and mobile clothes racks. If you have tables, clothes racks and bookshelves to display items, thatís great. If not, see if you can borrow some from family or friends.
Determine the costs of items youíre selling based on estimates from lists of donated items. You should be able to find these booklets through your tax accountant, the IRS or groups like the Salvation Army. Be sure price stickers are placed on all items and are clearly visible.
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